Embrace Authentic Norman!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Let's Keep Moving Forward!

We have come a long way since this time in 2012, and every step of the way has been together.  The strength of this ward lies in our community-first values and our dedication to fact-based decision making.  No single person could have done it alone.  Let's keep moving forward!

On high density issues, we had strength in our numbers and our values.  We worked together to keep the proposed high density zoning code from opening the door to aggressive and inappropriate development. I stood up for your concerns at countless meetings, and you supported me with great information and encouragement.

On water and waste water issues, I continue to voice your concerns for greater fairness and a more sensible approach.  I know the importance of our right to vote on utility rates, and I have not accepted money from or aligned myself with those who would take that vote away.  Together we can protect this right and ensure that future rate increases require payment from all stakeholders and not just existing ratepayers.

Our greatest danger of sliding backward is on economic development.  With your help, the expectations of transparency and fact-based decision making are increasing!  Others in this race would have you believe that simplistic and ineffective economic development tools like sales tax rebates are useful.  The evidence says otherwise, but the chance of that evidence being ignored is real if we don't stick together.  We must continue to repeat the simple mantra, "Invest in ourselves!"  Special interests may not like it, but it's true and it's right.

Let's keep moving forward and ensure that Norman and Ward 4 remain a unique and authentic place!

Thank you for all your support!  Vote JUNGMAN in Ward 4 this Tuesday, April 1st.